What we do


We release a quarterly journal with the latest information, upcoming releases, interviews and reviews of current books.

It is available both online and offline.


Our online portal provides more information between two journal releases – updates, reviews, news and many others.

We update our portal a few times a week.


Apart from our online venture and quarterly journal, Third Wednesday is also a publishing house – get in touch if you are an author.

We provide the opportunity to become professional.


We embrace all kinds of art. While we are specialized in prose and poetry, we will also bring in updates regarding other forms of art.

From street art to prolific artists, we cover everything.


  • John Di Capso
    Third Wednesday is by far the most complete modern literature journal out there. It is different from what you might be used to. Great job!
    John Di Capso
  • Mark Petterson
    I read the Third Wednesday journal for years and I always keep updated to new releases from the website. Great source of information!
    Mark Petterson
  • Maria Porzezynska
    You can never go wrong with a regularly updated portal in literature. However, Third Wednesday takes it to another level. I feel inspired every time I am here.
    Maria Porzezynska