October 3, 2018
October 3, 2018


Summer Singles by Margo Bennet is the perfect book to read anytime from March to September. It just puts you in the right mood.

The book came out in the first month of 2019 – perfect timing for those who are already getting ready for the summertime. After all, winter holidays are gone, so the next step implies getting ready for the warm season.


It brings together the different stories of seven individuals – four women and three men. They do not have anything in common, but somehow, their stories seem to be related. It is not obvious at first, but you start drawing lines with time.

This is the kind of story you want to read before going on holiday, as it will probably put you in the right mood. The action takes place in the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, where the time has ceased to move on.


While going through the book, it feels like a relaxing story of love, feelings, anger, party and emotions. However, the last chapter will clear it all out for you. That is when you figure out the connections between the parties involved.