October 3, 2018
October 3, 2018


Book of Acho was our Christmas present to our readers and fans – it was released just days before the Christmas of 2018.

The book came out through our publishing house. Although it was submitted by Angela Suentes months ahead, we found it to be too good to be randomly released. Instead, we waited for a special occasion, such as Christmas.


Acho is the main character. No one knows his past, but he seems to have a goal. He aims to get from the USA to Israel in a journey that only involves walking and paddling due to the devastated state of the world. Will he make it?

The story is long and feels like you are walking next to him. However, it is exciting and it hooks you in straight away. His adventures are surprising – from good people to savages who would do anything for food.


The big question is – why is he going to Israel? Is it a religious journey? Does he have to meet anyone? Sure, you might have all kinds of answers in your mind, but the truth is you will never guess. You will be left stunned.