October 3, 2018


Dear Dairy by Maria Perez is an incursion in a young girl's life as she starts facing all kinds of everyday difficulties.

While not stated, the girl is obviously in her teens. Known as Jessica, she tells her diary her daily life, which is a mix of emotions. From love and passion to anger and frustration, she goes through every state of mind.


Dear Diary is a mix of everything. You have emotions, then you have the first love. As a grownup, you will remember those days when you were in school, having a crush and being too shy to do something about it. This is exactly what Jessica goes through.

Dear Diary has been published through our company. Third Wednesday has found it to be an excellent piece of prose for those who look for a relaxing book in the garden, on a Sunday or before going to sleep. It perfectly blends in.


At times childish and often dramatic, this release will most likely make a difference. Readers will interpret it in different ways. There is nothing difficult about it, yet your emotions will blend in and make it special by the time you finish it.