October 3, 2018
October 3, 2018


A French Love by Jason Ponta was released in 2018 and quickly become one of the top selling books in its category.

At a first glance, the average reader would expect a novel based on love, conflicts and all kinds of interests. In the end, people would expect a happy ending in a romantic environment – like pretty much any French city.


We are not trying to spoil it for you, so we will let you go through it in order to disclose this unusual French love. At this time, you probably imagine all kinds of scenarios – a relative, a sister, himself or maybe an animal.

The truth will surprise you. What really matters is the way this book will make you feel. It will trigger some sensations that you may not be familiar with, so give yourself a quiet environment to enjoy and understand it.


There are no hidden messages, meanings or roles. This is not the type of book that people interpret in different ways. It is a story. It is prose that will relax you and give you an interesting line of love that you would never expect.