October 3, 2018


The Lonely Farmer is Dave Bumble's first release. Our editors were impressed – why did not he start writing earlier?

The book was immediately accepted by our publishing house. It has recently hit the market. Released in the spring of 2019 through Third Wednesday, it made it to libraries all across the world and it is easy to tell why.


As they had no children, his life moves on with sadness. He lives in a large farm with lots of animals and machinery and he keeps going on with his life. It feels like a hard life full of misery and sadness. But is it really like that?

As you go through the book, the author helps you realize that the farmer's life is not as lonely as it seems. Sure, he has a past. He had drama in his life. His emotions are a bit mixed. But then, you realize that he is not lonely.


It sounds a little confusing. Is there another person? Was it all just a dream? Hard to tell, as we try to keep the interest high. We do not want to spoil books for our readers, so make sure you get a copy right away.