Third Wednesday One Sentence Poetry Contest:

The 2018 One Sentence Poetry Contest has ended.  From 70 entries of nearly 200 poems our judges chose 3 winning poems and another 30 poems were chosen for publication in our Summer 2018 issue.  Congratulations to winning poets  Mark Madigan, Mark Hinton and Brook Sadler.  Look for this contest to return next year.


Whether it's an American Sentence, Haiku(ish) or just a great poetic sentence, we want to see what you can pack into the basic building block of literature, the sentence.

The Simple Rules:

Each poem should have a title and should consist of a single English sentence with conventional punctuation. There is no limit on length.

You may include up to 3 one sentence poems in your entry, which must be a single spaced doc or docx file. Do not include any identifying information within the body of the document. Enter only once.

Entries will be accepted from February 1 to April 30, 2018 though our Submittable account. No email or paper submissions will be considered.

Need Examples, here are a couple:

Ursa Major And Ursa Minor

There was a first time that a man looked
into the northern sky and saw not one,
but two bears and thought to himself,
how ferocious the stars must be
The First Rain of October Reminds Me Of Bashō So I Write A Poem With A Long Title

So quiet it falls, this first rain of October,
cars waiting turns at a stop sign,
lights reflected in wet pavement,
wipers beating out five quarter time
like Brubeck writing another hit tune.

The Money:

$25 will be awarded to three winning poems. There is no limit on the number of poems our editors may choose for publication in addition to the prize winning poems. Winners and all entries selected for publication will receive a print copy of the issue (an $11 value).

The entry fee of $5 must be paid via credit card or Pay Pal through Submittable. All entries will receive a PDF copy of the Summer contest issue (a $5 value) in June so the net cost of your entry is ZERO.

The Selection:

The contest will be judged by the editorial staff of Third Wednesday Magazine who will read submissions blindly, following the process we use with our regular submissions.